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Development of the motivation systems

According to the research data, implementation of the motivation literate system at the company shall raise efficiency for more than 30 %.

One knows the difference between the material and non cash motivation. In material motivation the permanent component, that is salaries, is accentuated, and  the variable component — bonuses, commissions and premiums.
In the last years the importance of salaries at the motivation system is greatly underestimated. The most popular is the motivation with bonuses and premiums, and one can  special reference made to the non-cash motivation practically at every enterprise. However, at skilful application this tool shall give the excellent results. The efficient salary system creates confidence to the fair assessment of labor, underlines the carrier prospects at the company. Using the redundancy pay makes possible management of the key competences development, strengthening the engagement to the work process and increasing the fidelity to the company.  Grading is a universal tool for the salary management. Unfortunately, often one uses the incorrect approach to the personnel management through the salary system. An error in the salary determination shall be costly to business because it demotivates the personnel — as much as the key personnel sabotage and dismissal.

The international and national experience confirms the high efficiency of the variable payments at the personnel motivation. On the one hand, the premium wage shall transfer to the personnel a part of the payroll costs. Also,  a dependence of wages of the enterprise work total result  is occurring. The flexible remuneration is based on the highlights of efficiency or KPI. The right goals system and KPI will make possible the personnel assessment and motivation, and performance of monitoring the organization current state of affairs. Due to the expert approach to development of the material and immaterial motivation you’ll have a guarantee that the personnel work is remunerated depending on their personal investment in business. Traditional meaning of «the salary payment» losses its actuality as an inefficient tool.

Recently the non-cash stimulation is very popular. Here it is a so-called social package and other tools. For instance, the achievement certificates and honorable distinctions, training, coproprietorship, flexible working time. The advantage of the non-cash motivation consists in the fact that its tools are cheaper or free, at that the personnel fidelity increasing sensibly. But the unsystematic or incorrect use of this kind of motivation can result inverse to the expected return. In some cases it can cause the marked damage to the company. The methods for non cash motivation need individual approach. It is desirable to bring the high level experts to the tasks’ solution. Our Company’s team of professionals is always at your disposal.