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Personnel assessment

Personnel assessment

Personnel is the strategically significant component of any business. The companies with strong staff have the higher potential of development in the market – and, as result, they have the serious competitive advantage.

The personnel assessment is required at all stages of the work with human resources, commencing with selection of candidates for the vacant positions. According to data, provided by the research centers, the correct system of assessment of candidates on entry into the company allows to save up to 200 % of expenses, related to the personnel selection and adaptation. One person is technically unable to assess the personnel in objective manner. This is why the successful business persons make use of the services, provided by external consultants from the consulting companies.

You can trust such important function as assessment of your employees only to the top-ranking professionals. Depending on objectives and goals of your business, it is essential to select the right assessment tool. Thus, in case of need to reduce the wage fund, the one approach should be used, and in case of need to form the candidates’ pool – the other approach. The result of the wrongly selected methods and tools is demotivation of the employees with further lowering of the performance index or even the dismissal of the key employees. Moreover, according to the statistics, the 50% of employees’ dismissals are caused by the wrong or unjust assessment, made by the observer. To exclude the prejudgment and to ensure the professional approach, one should involve the experts.

Taking into account the objectives and nuances of the business processes of your company, we will develop and introduce the individual effective system of the personnel assessment.