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Personnel assessment

Development of the competency model

The incompetent medium- and top-level personnel cause the significant damage to the organization. In process of search and recruitment of the candidates to these positions, it is impossible to confine oneself to the simple interview and information, provided by CV and recommendations. It is important to expertly assess the competences, e.g. the candidate’s personal ability to solve the specific type of the job tasks. The assessment of competences as the candidate’s potential gives the grounds for the qualitatively performed estimate how effectively and correctly will the specialist manage the complicated tasks.

For the correct assessment the competency model for all job position should be developed, taking into account the organization’s strategy, objectives, and needs. Often inside the company the situation comes about, when for assessment of the applicants for vacation the officers of the Human resources department select from the ready list of the professional activities the competence, which is most “in phase”, without any formulations.

Our consultants will develop the competency model, starting from the thorough analysis of the functionality and job profile description. And only then, based on this job profile, they will form the personality profile.

We will hold the interviews and will present you the detailed information about the candidate.