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Personnel assessment

Assessment and Development Center

Known also as Assessment Center, this is the method for the personnel comprehensive assessment, focused on the assessment of the real qualities of the candidates and employees, their professional and psychological traits, detection of their potential and compliance with requirements of the job positions. This method is fairly deemed to be the one of the most correct and effective methods of the employees competences’ assessment.

Our experts have at their disposal the range of the modeling exercises and assessment  procedures, such as business games, candidates’ and employees’ interviewing, as well as large repertoire of tests and questionnaires. The well and effective application of this method is possible only for the external expert or group of experts. The Assessment and Development Center is a capacious and complicated method, implying the high level of expertise of the performing specialists. The recruitment of the strong experts in this field into the permanent staff is unreasonable for the most part of organizations and holding of the Assessment Center by inner executives with insufficient expertise deteriorates the value of the method as such. Besides, for the correct implementation of the Assessment and Development Center, the objective and independent opinion concerning the candidates or employees is very important, and for the inner executives it will be difficult to realize.