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Personnel assessment


Personnel’s individual assessment

For the more comprehensive and in-depth assessment of the candidate for vacation or the employee according to his competences it is logical to apply the personnel’s individual assessment. The implementation of this method is reasonable, when it is required to take decision on recruitment on the top positions of the organization whether the internal candidates or the external applicants. The individual assessment gives the good results in definition of the reasons of the loss of efficiency of work among the medium-level and top-level managers. This method is a highly performing method for assessment of the top-managers and business owners, aiming to improve their personal effectiveness.

Our consultants have the many years’ experience in practice of the individual assessment of the candidates and employees. Our team uses the wide range of the tools, provided by this method, including the deeply structured interview, the direct expert surveillance over the professional activities, the projective techniques and modeling of the business situations.

Using these methods, we will assess with maximum precision and objectiveness your employee as to the presence and intensity of the required competences, we will present you the report concerning the underlying psychological qualities, directly and indirectly influencing the results of the professional activities. Our expert will define the strengths and weaknesses of candidate, the development zone and the complex of the individual tools for development of the management potential. This method allows modeling the behavior of the employee in specific occupational situations to detect the reactions, motives and logic mechanisms. And to assess the risks and possibilities of the candidate, applying for the top position.