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Personnel Optimization

For personnel optimization is often understood only the staff redundancy. But the optimization means determination of the personnel adequate number for  the long-term (strategic) and short-term (operational) tasks solution, and subsequent restoring number — reduction or increase in force.

For instance, the necessity of the staff  increase occurs at the new subdivisions foundation. In case of appearance of the non-core business at the company and in some cases  it shall be necessary to increase the staff number.

It is noted that traditionally, at the large enterprises, existing on the market for a long time, there is the excess staff and more overvalued salary fund. Apart from the apparent salary cost for once specialists, this situation has the hidden costs too. For instance, the excessive staff need enhanced load to the managing chain links, the task solution is slowing etc., and that hurts the company’s ability to compete in whole. At the production enterprises the excessive staff shall result in the free time occurrence and the tenfold increase of the industrial injuries.
In cases of the excessive staff the optimization is targeted to the assessment, reduction and redistribution of the rest of technical specialists, the top and medium level managers. The internal HR services not always have sufficient expertise for the efficient optimization. The optimization errors shall result in:

  • the total reduction of the management and the output quality as a result of dismissals without assessment,
  • the company basic and auxiliary processes violation because of the vacancies reduction without regard to the functional interactions,
  • lowering the staff motivation as a result of the wage reduction, the bonus system cutting,
  • the excessive load to the rest of the staff as a result of the large volume of dismissals.

Holding the human resources, implementation of the adequate motivation over the crisis period and distribution of the production load — this is a complex of problems needing the subtle approach. Our experts will propose the best solutions for your business.