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Organization development

This is a fundamental stage for establishing both organization and its new subdivisions. The organization development is based on the enterprise strategic projects given the business purposes and key tasks. On this stage is developed the company optimum organization system. The enterprise existing possibilities and actual market nuances are taken into consideration.

As a result we have the organization structure scheme, administrative subordination regulations, scheme of the commodity nomenclature and hierarchy of business functions and  management functions associated to it. Thus a range of the basic regulations is developed: conceptual issue of the enterprise organizational and functional structure, statements of the separate kinds of activity, statements of the business subdivisions, duty regulations and job description. This stage is of vital concernment in the business development «from scratch» or in case of the occurrence of the company non-core business.

For the going concerns the task of the roundaboutness and excessive management teams’ liquidation is the most critical task. This is especially actual at the medium and  large enterprises with several activities. These enterprises have many subdivisions multiple-vector relationships and more complicated management structure. Therefore, often the management system norms are higher than the optimal one. As a result, the managers have no time to labor the points of the production processes. And the most part of the labor problems either are not resolved, or are resolved by the subordinates themselves without the management participation.

The team of our experts possesses a deep experience of organization development of the going concerns, and new companies projects development too. We have a binding approach to this complex task solution. As a result the business of our clients shall gain the weighty advantages in form of:

  • the management activity optimal structure and adequate organization,
  • the optimization of  all the management levels,
  • the competence of adaptation to the needs of the market dynamics,
  • the equal load distribution to the management capacities,
  • the optimal balance of rights and authorities,
  • the management solutions conformity,
  • the structural subdivisions’ concerted activity.