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HR-systems modelling 

The HR-systems modeling means creation of the personnel management optimal system for the  business strategy goals, the organization development conditions.

The personnel management system, made with regard to the company strategic goals, conducts the skilled personnel policy and creates a reliable basis for the organization competitive recovery on the market.

The personnel management has the following scope of activities:

  • the personnel search and adaptation,
  • field work with the personnel,
  • strategic work with the personnel.

In its turn, the field work with the personnel shall include the personnel training and development, labor organization, operational assessment, management of business communications, remuneration of labor and motivation management.

Unfortunately, often at the moment of the enterprise HR-service creation the market leaders’ similar structure is copied. Thus, the personnel management system is copied with some adaptation to the enterprise business strategy, or  entirely without principal changes. It shall be expedient to commit to the experts this important task solution. By experience of the international organizations, it is recommended to determine initially with the goals and to perform the SWOT-analysis with the problem setting, the rendering time and other needed resources scheduling, define the criterion of successful work.

The HR-system modeling has four key aspects:

  • diagnostics of the strengths and weaknesses of the staff work organization, the document workflow audit,
  • development of the personnel search and selection processes, adaptation and assessment system, motivation and development,
  • motivation development and management,
  • management of the corporate culture.

The experts of our Company will provide you a full complex of the HR-modeling measures. We apply the most enhanced tools and practices which make possible creation of the efficient HR management service at your company. As a result of cooperation your company shall get a literate HR-strategy and tactics, and the internal expertise of the personnel management service stiffening.