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Personnel assessment

360-Degree Assessment

The success of this method depends on observance of the anonymity conditions and the noninvolvement of the specialists. It is possible to perform this analysis by the internal expert review, but the complete and objective assessment can be accomplished only with involvement of the experts from the designated organizations. The 360-Degree Assessment is applied for the career planning, drawing up of the list of employees, placed for training, or for the routine assessment of the staff. In practical terms, the 360- Degree Assessment method is performed as follows: the experts define the assessment objective, develop the unique form of the questionnaire, and perform the anonymous questioning of the colleagues of the assessed person.

Depending on the purposes, the questionnaire can be used for assessment of the certain competences of the employee – proactivity, proneness to conflict, professional ethics, or the whole complex of the competences: leadership, teamwork skills, ambitiousness, proneness to conflict, business discernment, level of the technical skills, balance between the work and the personal life. Besides, the assessed employee participates in the questioning. The self-assessment is performed concerning the same competences, that in the anonymous questioning among his colleagues. Then, based on the average numerical score for each competence, the graph is drawn.

As assessment result, the Client receives the information for the further personnel solutions: the movement upwards in the hierarchy of positions, the down-grading or the dismissal, the recruitment of the candidates’ pool, the development and training of the employee. In addition, the Client receives the recommendations as to the development of the certain competences of the employee, improvement of the relation in the team etc.

In case of need the 360-Degree Assessment can be transformed into the 540-Degree Assessment, if the assessment procedure requires the involvement of the clients, suppliers and partners.